Posted on November 17, 2015 at 4:33 am

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Salman Ijaz gives you 'Udeekan'

SALMAN IJAZ started singing at the age of 12, at 14 Salman explored his musical creativity, he recognized the importance of heritage and culture. He had gone through a severe accident which burned and left some marks on his face and body but luckily he survived the accident by The Grace of Allah Almighty.

The singer/songwriter/producer is a breath of fresh-air in a market of commercial manufactured sounds. He started his own business of dress designing when he was 18 but later he found more interest in making music. Singing was just a hobby in his life initially which soon turned into his passion! What an inspiration!

Great response Reachmore then 5000 Likes & shares in 7 days, and more then 250000 Views! I’d like to tell you all that my face is half burnt, as a result of a road accident in my childhood. I could have hidden the burns on my face as my make-up artist suggested me to, but I did not, as this burnt face is now a part of me and I don’t wanna hide it.  -Salman States.


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