Posted on November 10, 2015 at 2:20 am

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Neel's "Ride" gets twisted Upside Down!

American Asian artist Neel’s latest release “Ride” featuring Lomaticc was good but once DJ Upside Down got his hands on the track it has become addicting! An exclusive Urban Asian production, we’ve released this remix for free! Check out the track!

Neel just released his debut album, Emotions, a power packed and versatile collection of songs. Besides Culture Shock’s Lomaticc, the young artist has collaborated with one of Philly’s hottest rappers Taizu, and the uber talented violinist, Violinder, compose Arpit G and Sparsh Shah. Neel has teamed up with some great producers in the US and has gotten guidance from some of the best mentors in the industry.

The album is a free download but don’t forget to grab this remix of “Ride” for free here!