Posted on November 19, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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#InternationalMensDay: Find out who your favorite hero's heroes are!

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”― Bob Marley

International Men’s Day – who would have though such a day existed, eh? In the long and much needed struggle of finding a voice for ourselves, women often forget that we have struggled not to be superior to men, but to be their equal. In light of equal rights for both men and women, November 19th is regarded as International Men’s Day. On this day, Urban Asian celebrates some of India’s most loved male actors and their favorite heroes! Here is what these suave and sophisticated superstars have to say!

Ravish Desai

Ravish Desai

My hero has always been my father and shall continue to be. I believe one of the greatest qualities that heroes or great men have is that they are persistent in their efforts towards their goals/dreams. Not expecting anything in return. They believe their dreams to be their greatest karma and to pursue that will all the dedicated and passion. They are hungry for improvement at all times. They shed all the fear inside of them and always stay humble. My father is the greatest example for me. A man who has consistently worked towards his dreams without expecting anything in return. On International Men’s Day I take this opportunity to salute him for all his sacrifices and his upbringing. He has taught me that the greatest thing in life is to dream and to follow your dreams relentlessly with all the honesty in your heart.


Sharhaan Singh

My hero is the legendary Shaheed Bhagat Singh. His sacrifice for this country’s freedom at such a young age is an example for the youth of this nation today. He gave his life for the sake of our nation at an age where we cannot even fathom the idea of death.

Rehan Sayed

rehan 2

Many of my fans are already aware of the special place my father holds in my heart. A complete man, he has been a role model for myself as well as my family. If I had to speak of any one other than my father for whom I have undying respect it would have to be Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. A man of principles and perseverance, Arvind Kejriwal has made an outstanding contribution to the Indian government. Here is a man who entered the dirty world of politics with so much hostility. People have made fun of him, laughed at him and ridiculed him but he remained faithful to his vision. I remember reading an article in he paper where it mentioned that a particular bridge was sanctioned 200 crores to build, but Mr. Kejriwal was able to complete it properly with 50 crore to spare! That is commendable.


Pankit Thakker

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is my role model. He’s out to make a difference in people’s lives and is development-driven. He is the most charismatic, dynamic and shrewd politician India has ever produced.If he succeeds in developing India economically and initiates measures to punish corruption and eradicate it in India in the long run, he could one day be taken in the same breath as one would take Mahatma Gandhi’s name. As two of the greatest Indians the country has ever produced. After all, one gave India freedom and the other could well give Indians freedom from its worries.

Nishant Malkani

Nishant Singh

All good and hardworking men are heroes. Men today are not the simple beings they once were. Their lives have become the more complicated as time passes. Earlier, a man’s focus was to study hard, get a job and raise a family. Today, added peer pressure has made life a race. Life is now race for a better lifestyle, better job, better looks and more. With everyday expectation on the rise, men have to deliver all rising including bringing social awareness, responsibility towards the nation, the government, infrastructure and more. It is not easy for a man when family, friends and the surrounding society expects him to be perfect. This has also taken a toll on the lives of many men. Today, more men are suffering due heart disease, diabetes and depression due to stress. So ladies, and other gents take this time to thank a hard working man in your life and tell them how much you appreciate them!

Kunal Bakshi

Kunal Bakshi

A real man should be everyone’s hero and a real man is one who can stand against all odds and evil to take responsibility of correcting wrongs rather than complaining about them. I despise men who disrespect women. A real man should always be mindful and respectful of women and women should feel safe around him. Growing up, my father was my ideal man. He always taught me to follow my heart instead of my mind. He always used to say that the brain takes calculative measures but the heart tells you what you truly want. We can make money with the brain, but with the heart you form relationships.

Paras V Chhabrra

Paras Chhabraa

I feel immense pleasure to extend my gratitude for the perfect man of my life today. This day has brought me to a situation where I have an opportunity to express my emotional feelings which I had always kept in the core of my heart. Coming to the point of the discussion today, I feel way proud to make it loud to all that my mother is the Mr. Perfect Man to me. Without her this Paras V Chhabrra was an impossible personality. According to me an apt man is strong, understanding, motivating, powerful and hardworking. My mom is just a complete package of all these qualities. I would love to confess today to her and the world around that i will always acknowledge the way u have grown me like a father and a mother both. Thanks for keeping me your first priority and giving me the best of every thing a kid deserves. Be it be my toys, food, clothes, studies, enjoyment or career. You are my Hero, my brother, my dad, my mom and my God, whom I pray everyday. Mom, your sacrifices for me since the day I was born without the hand of a father have been considerable and today I live with it. This makes me feel internally so strong. Today, I have said it all and I feel so light from inside.. thank you God for giving me such a mother and Mom thanks for gifting me this life on Earth.