Posted on November 16, 2015 at 5:23 am

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Ep. 8 Quantico – Over

Another Sunday evening with Alex Parish and the rest of the Quantico team had us at the edge of our seats once again.

Simon is still undergoing shock find out about the Amin twins and is now facing difficulty on which twin he really likes. He’s also now receiving phone calls from Gaza. Shelby well she’s got loads of secrets that keep unveiling each episode at a time, and now we finally found out who she sent those million dollars to a few episodes back. Its to her half sister in Saudia Arabia… hey Shelby, want to be my half sister too?! Calab’s father is quite a sketchy guy too, yet again more and more secrets to come from that chap.

Coming to the real deal though, Alex and Ryan, y’all have solid chemistry going on it makes us feel it all. From Booth getting shot previous episode, to the two having to escape and leave the country…what? But that’s all present day, let’s rewind back when the trainees are undergoing another task which leads to Alex having her hands on a file on her mother who supposedly is involved with something in Pakistan. But O’connor tricked her so she can get her hands on that file which he needed to cover up past faults on his end…

The last bit of episode 8 ends with training days at Quantico where Alex is at Miranda’s home discussing O’connor and his past. Miranda gets a phone call from her neighbor saying someone is on her roof, which we suspect is her son and shoots her waist and runs off. Parish finds her in the hallway upstairs bleeding to death. Switch to present day at Grand Central Station where immense amount of FBI agents and officers are flooded and Parish walks in, puts her hands up and says there’s another bomber out there, catch them before something else occurs in NYC.

We now just await till next week to see what happens next…