Posted on November 9, 2015 at 6:37 am

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Ep. 7 Quantico – Go

If you haven’t had shock attacks one after the other than we have a crisis! The assignment’s and exam Quantico assigns makes you want to say WTH.. just you have to admit something each episode every week just keeps getting better and better by the minute.

Miranda finally confronts Simon about the revelation of the twins and tells him about a project they are involved in, but in present day could that project be the bombing of grand central? Natalie finds out that Booth is in contact with Alex and helping her flee from the police and spills the beans to O’Connor… WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DO THAT!! Alex decides to take matter into her own hands and using her sixth sense she begins to eavesdrop on O’Connor and Caleb’s dad conversation scoping out information on why she was being watched this whole time. Agent Fletcher plants a bomb in the classroom making the agents worried about there lives.

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In present day, Shelby tries to stall Caleb from witnessing Nimah on the CCTV footage of the bombing making her accidentally blow everyone cover and putting everyone at risk. With the help with Simon’s skills Alex and him both track down the twins only coming to find Raina only as Nimah has not been seen for the last few months making if more suspicious and suspenseful of what she is up to! Booth get shot protecting Alex from the FBI when they are caught in their hiding spot.


In today’s Quantico’s episode 7, Go we have learned that whatever test or challenge we are given solving it together makes us stronger as team and it brings us even closer. Today’s episode did give us a few shock attacks and few moments where we might have even said “aww” but at the end of the day they are still a team working toward a goal.