Posted on November 10, 2015 at 4:29 am

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Bigg Boss 9: Is Aman Verma trying to target Mandana Karimi?

Bigg Boss’ transparent home has been witnessing major strains in the past week. Lately, the target of all the strain seems to be Iranian beauty Mandana Karimi.


Until now, Mandana was home sick and conveyed the same to host Salman Khan. Now, Aman Verma, seems to be using her own words against her. Recently after a task,Mandana goes to Puneet Vashisht and points out his mistake. She explains him the right way to do the task so that the team can benefit from it. But Aman, who was also a part of the conversation, plays it very smart by trying to manipulate Mandana. He tells her that she will look like a fool if she plays the game smartly and then cries about going home.

Is this Aman’s plan to aid Mandana’s eviction?