Posted on November 20, 2015 at 1:32 am

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Anshuman fascinated to play Rajat!

While Rajat Kapoor plays the role of the protagonist in the experimental X: Past Is Present, it’s Anshuman Jha who plays the younger role of the same character in the film, that’s creating much buzz for being helmed by 11 directors. And talking about it, the actor reveals that it was fascinating to play Rajat.
 “We have grown up watching Rajat’s performances and he’s an actor I greatly admire. So for me, one of the challenges was to be able to do justice to the character through my age transition like he would. It was fascinating to play his younger role, because somewhere I also tried to think how he would enact a particular scene to help in an organic progression,” explains Anshuman.
Well, industry insiders who’ve had a dekho at the film claim that the connection between the young and a much older character has actually been shown beautifully, so guess you can take a bow Anshuman!
The film is slated to release on 20th November 2015