Posted on November 16, 2015 at 12:59 am

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Adorable Alert: Nisha Rawal's New Cover for Children's Day!

One of the cutest videos I have seen after a long time! This video will make you smile and make you love Children’s Day! Television actress and model Nisha Rawal has recorded a cover version of Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman’s popular track “Choti si asha”, which was released on the eve of Children’s Day to raise funds forunder privileged children.  The video brings a lot of light and laughter and so much ‘mast'(fun) that it will make you want to go hug your own Child!


The launch saw tremendous support from Television Industry with marked presence from top actors like Karan Mehra, Terence Lewis, Karan Grover, Hanif Hilal, Saiwyn Quadras (Mary Kom Story & Script Writer) and Rohit Verma.



The actress who has sung a very soothing and exhilarating blend of ‘Dil Hai Chota Sa’ from ‘Roja’ will use this opportunity for a larger cause of fund raising through crowd funding platform Ketto in support of The Vatsalya foundation. The video is directed by Karan Mehra. The video is picturised on Nisha and the kids of The Vatsalya Foundation and special appearance by none other than Terence Lewis.

 “While we were brainstorming for my next song, this idea was popped up to include these underprivileged children and work with them as professionals. These children have so much positive energy and determination, a little bit of push would really help them to dream bigger and set goals, not getting limited to thinking that they are helpless. The day of shoot has been memorable not only for these kids but for every member present in the unit. I want to thank Mr. Rahman for giving us this beautiful song that inspires in so many ways. Through this song I really want to make an appeal to my industry peers, colleagues, friends and family to come forth and participate in this journey to help fulfil a Choti Si Asha.”


Nisha Rawal unveils her cover song “Choti Si Asha” on Children’s Day
Nisha Rawal unveils her cover song “Choti Si Asha” on Children’s Day


Talking About the cover, Meet bros (Manmeet) said,

“We have always loved Nisha’s voice and used to wonder if she will ever take the plunge. We are glad she has. She is a very aware artist and knows where here strength lies. When she spoke to me about “Choti Si Asha”, we were much pumped. It is a perfect choice for her release voice.”

Nisha Rawal unveils her cover song “Choti Si Asha” on Children’s Day
Nisha Rawal unveils her cover song “Choti Si Asha” on Children’s Day

Nisha is very fond of children and has worked for various causes, this time being ‘Children from the streets of Mumbai’ under the wings of ‘The Vatsalya Foundation’. While various approaches have been employed by celebrities to raise funds, she has gone in a new direction, exploring crowd funding as a source of fund. Nisha came up with a holistic approach to feature children in her video which instils a sense of pride and confidence in them and creates a connect with potential donors and philanthropists.


Ace choreographer Terence Lewis said,

“I love working with children. Their energy is infectious and they are so spontaneous. No matter what you teach them, their improvisation always adds value to the choreography. Nisha is a dear friend and the idea of a crowd funding fundraiser through a music cover is a brilliant idea. The video looks vibrant and its lifts up your mood instantly with Nisha’s melodious voice and spontaneity from kids.”


The video also features Terence Lewis, who makes a small appearance to support Nisha in this wonderful cause. The music video of the cover has been directed by one of the most popular faces on television, Karan Mehra.