Posted on October 19, 2015 at 8:51 pm

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Lisa Ray starring in Ishq Forever!

Friday Cine Entertainment Pvt. Ltd’s romantic comedy Ishq Forever starring a large ensemble cast of remarkable actors and actresses along with some new fresh faces! The film is set to release January 15, 2016!

Ishq Forever is produced by Ajay Shah, Himanshu gandhi and Shabeer Boxwala. The film is directed by Sameer Sippy. The film stars Ruhi Singh, Lisa Ray, Zakir Hussain, Chetan Pandit, Sonal Jha, Arif Zakira, Balrajand Javed Jafferi and introducing Krishna. Written by Shabeer Boxwala, and music by Nadeem Saifi and Lyrics by Sameer.

The film is a simple romantic comedy in the traditions of, it happened one night and dil hai ki manta nahi. it revolves around a couple who meet in a strange circumstance and are bundled together by a nudge of destiny and are forced to understake a journey that not only challenges their idea of themselves, but in the process bringing them face to face with the force of nature, aka: Love!

The films locations are shot in South Africa and then moves to the scenic city of Hermanus through the breath taking Garden Route to the buzzing city of Cape Town to culminate in a fresh and new landscape where the climax of the film unfolds. The rom-com will display breath taking visuals, where two largest of oceans of the world meet, never seen before on Indian celluloid!

Ishq forever is a true-blue rom-com that will induce fuzzy eyed laughter along with gently tickling romance. So catch the cast in theaters on January 15, 2016 on this romantic Journey that tugs at your heartstrings and will make you fall in love over and over again!