Posted on October 19, 2015 at 5:26 pm

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Exclusive: Aparna Sharma and Kunal Khemu’s lip-lock for Guddu Ki Gun

We have often heard stories about actors who are uncomfortable with kissing onscreen. But in case of actors Kunal Khemu and debutante Aparna Sharma, it was different. The actors recently shot a lip-lock scene for their latest film Guddu Ki Gun and actually had fun while doing it. According our sources, the two share a good rapport and were comfortable filming the essential scene!


Elaborating further, an insider revealed,

“This romantic sequence had to be reshot a couple of times as the duo wanted to make it seem intense and genuine. It was filmed aesthetically. The actors are thorough professionals and were comfortable with each other.”

We also heard that both of them are good friends and they were happy that the shot was completed without a glitch.

Check out this exclusive still from the film Guddu Ki Gun.