Posted on October 16, 2015 at 2:54 am

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Daisy Shah gets a Make-Over!

Daisy Shah may be one film old, but the actress like many of the other Salman Khan heroines has already earned the tag of being the girl-next-door! However, the actress is all set to shed the image with Hate Story 3 and is in a serious makeover mode these days. The young star feels that people in the industry do tend to slot actors early on in certain images, but that doesn’t mean that the actor is not capable of carrying off another kind of a role. And that’s what she hopes to do with Vishal Pandya’s erotic thriller.
“An actor who played a girl next door in the previous movie can look hot too. So one can’t be judging a person by what they have seen,” she says.
Admitting that her avatar in Hate Story 3 will shock and surprise audiences,


Daisy adds,

“After this movie I’m sure that everybody’s jaws are going to drop wondering ‘how can Daisy look this way’ or ‘how can Daisy do this’ or ‘we never thought that Daisy can ever pull off such kind of a roll’. So I think some will be surprised and others will be shocked.”


The actress reveals that she has also been working out extra hard to get in shape for all the hot scenes. She says,

“I have been working out a lot, but its not just losing weight. The focus is on getting fitter and also trying to get into shape so that I can fit into the kind of clothes, that we are planning to go for this film.”

About her work out regime, she adds,

“I have been doing a lot of things like cardio and Pilates. It’s more like a mixture of cardio, pilates and weights. Like I said, the idea is not just to lose weight, but to get fitter.”