Posted on October 26, 2015 at 7:25 pm

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#13DaysofCreepyCreepers Day 8: The "Other" folder on Facebook

If you’ve been paying attention to my stories this week, you’ll realize that creepers have no shame on where they’ll creep on you. Ladies, we’re not safe anywhere. Creepers will turn up anywhere from on the street corner to train stations and malls. Just turn around and you find…



Now that we have social media it is easier for creepers to follow, like, message and generally stalk the crap out of us. There was one time my cousin was talking to a guy she was recently introduced to. She was over my house for a big family dinner and they were chatting online. He used her Facebook messenger’s location feature to show up at my house! He told her to come outside and we found him in his shiny red car waiting outside my house.




There is also the “Other” folder on Facebook. The “Other” folder in your messages holds messages from people that you are not friends with. Every few months I check it out for giggles because they’re usually ridiculous and of course, creepy. But sometimes I find friends I actually know in there so I do check in on it to make sure I don’t miss messages from people I know in real life as well. I’m sure creepy messages on Facebook is an issue all ladies face. Mia Matsumiya is a New Yorker who actually spent 10 years saving the creepy messages she received! She is a violinist who started blogging a few years back when she was performing with a rock band.

She built a small following but with the love came a lot of disturbing, abusive and harassing messages on MySpace and Facebook. Now she has an Instagram page featuring such messages and messages submitted from her friends and followers! Check out some of the messages she has!

Will jerks and spelling ever co-exist? 😛 #sexandviolens

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Mia’s Perv Magnet project has garnered quite an amazing response from fans! She has recently been featured on a few sites like BuzzFeed, NewsWorthy,,, Huffington Post and more! Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@Perv_Magnet)! Don’t forget to send in your stories to!