Posted on October 19, 2015 at 4:31 pm

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#13DaysofCreepyCreepers Day 1: Is that you?

Welcome! Welcome to the awkwardness that is my life. This Halloween I’m counting down 13 days of Creepy Creepers I’ve encountered. Let’s start with one of the latest shall we? Earlier this month I attended the New York Comic Convention, my very first comic con!


It was filled with easily excitable comic lovers, talented artists and writers, free goodies, insanely cool collectors, and some serious cosplay.


Instead of one day for Halloween ladies actually get a 4 day weekend to let out their inner slut. Remember, less is more! Of course in a crowd so big you’ll spot a few Waldo’s as well.

And definitely be prepared to encounter some other things that can’t exactly be explained….

Jokes apart NYC Comic Con is pretty amazing, even if you’re not a comic collector. I had a wonderful time attending and helping my friends promote their new comic, Zindan (check them out on Facebook!) While I was their booth handing out free posters of the super sexy villain, Tara, a guy walks by to stop and stare for a minute.

“Would you like a free poster sir?”

Moving his finger from my face to the poster he responds with a smirk, “Is it you? I’ll take it if it’s you”

For your reference, This is what Tara and I look like.

CLEARLY we have so much in common.

A) I was flattered that he thought my 5 foot 3, pumpkin shaped figure was anything nearly as good looking as the sexy beast that is Tara. But seriously, we don’t even have the same hair color. I’m sure that was just a pick up line but I’m still going to count that as a win. #FatGirlWin

Then again maybe all brown girls look the same to people? He needs to get his vision checked if he thought I looked anything like Tara.



Where he thought he was going to get with that line I don’t know. This incident reminded me of another awkward situation I encountered during my years at Victoria Secret. Associates are assigned zones to handle within the store, my zone was the front of the store. It was almost closing time and the store was dead so I started cleaning up. I was wiping down the front windows and doors when an older man walks in and just watches me. He looked like any old excessively hairy, grandpa with his belly hanging out. Deeming him harmless, I greeted him with a smile and he says,

“You’re so pretty, I thought you were one of the models in the picture!” He picks  up a bedazzled, over-priced bra and looks back at me. “Will you model this for me?”


He was over obviously over 50-years-old and although I was 20, I still looked like I was 16-years-old. Can you say pedophile? He kept watching me, eyes glazed like a zombie and eventually his wife came into the store to shop. I felt eerily violated. I rushed home to shower because needed to scrub off the gunk of creeper from my skin.

If you find a girl you are attracted to please be sure she is age appropriate for you and that beer belly. Also be aware of your situation before you start dropping pick up lines. It isn’t smart to hit on a girl while you have your wedding ring, child, or wife in the vicinity. That’s just awkward.


That brings an end to day 1, the level of creepy-ness will increase as we go but we’d also love your own stories! Email them to me at!