Posted on October 19, 2015 at 2:43 pm

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10 Unforgettable Moments from DDLJ!

Twenty years ago from today, the classic and unforgettable film in B-town released in cinemas- Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge!

The Yash Raj Film classic lies in every Indian household or is watched still till this date at least once a year. Indian’s from all generations are growing up listening to the songs and remembering dialogues, and even non-Indian’s are watching the timeless film.

Today as we reminisce about the love-story between Raj and Simiran let’s take you down memory lane through some unforgettable moments of the film!

1. Before Ranbir Kapoor dropped the towel in Jab Se Tere Naina, Kajol was way ahead of the game in her opening scene and song Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye. As she dances around her room in a towel dancing and singing about the perfect guy who she dreams about day and night!

2. This scene is comical for us as the audience, but only annoying to Simran. She meets the ‘perfect’ guy AKA Raj for the very first time and his first impression is simply irritating in her eyes!

3. This scene is probably one of the best! Again Raj is teasing and annoying Simran by making her think they slept together the night before when she got drunk! But in reality… nothing happened.

4. No Yash Raj film is complete with a classic church scene! Of course it gets super filmy when Raj notices Simran praying, and well… this is of course a moment he ‘notices’ her.

5. Pallat, the scene we all can never forget!

“if she loves me, then she will stop and turn around and look at me.”

6. This scene has been re-done over and over in many Hindi movies after DDLJ. Well parts of it… but this turning point in the film when Raj gets invited to Kuljeet’s wedding is the sole reason why Simran and Raj even end up together!

7. When Simran should be fasting for her fiance Kuljeet she is actually fasting for Raj… how adorable!!

8. Here’s one of my favorite scenes! This awkward moment when Raj encounters Simran’s father feed the pigeons early morning… There’s not a lot of dialogue going here, but it’s unforgettable!

9. THE LAST SCENE! It doesn’t get any more dramatic than this, the running to the train station, fighting for the relationship between Raj and Simran! It tops off the film with a perfect climax!!

10. And well lastly… a classic Yash Chopra moment, running through a yellow floral field. The girl in a pure white Indian suit and the guy awaiting with his arms open as her dupatta to sweeps over the flowers and hair flowing through the wind.

20 years later we’ll be seeing the duo back on-screen together very soon in Rohit Shetty’s, Dilwale!