Posted on September 21, 2015 at 1:08 pm

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Anushka for real and on reel too!

Unperturbed by the fact that there’s already her namesake in the industry – Anushka Sharma – newbie Anushka Ranjan not only refuses to change her name, but her screen name in her debut film Wedding Pullav is also Anushka. Talking about it, the actress reveals that it was actually Rahul Rawail, who was to direct the film earlier, who had wanted Anushka to retain her real name on reel. She says,



“It’s been a tradition with Rawail Sir that he introduces a newcomer on screen with his or her real name – Sunny Deol was Sunny in Betaab, while Amrita Singh was Dingy, and Kumar Gaurav was Bunty in Love Story. So, when he suggested that I be introduced as Anushka, we all agreed. And when Binod Sir (ace cinematographer Binod Pradhan) came on board as the director, he too insisted that I keep the name Anushka, since it has a nice ring to it.”

Point out that the senior director had put Anushka at par with his heroes and she adds,

“Well that was kind of him to have so much faith in a newcomer like me.”