Posted on April 24, 2015 at 3:46 pm

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Which action film director is an Ironman fan?

Bollywood’s action guru and blockbuster director Rohit Shetty is quite the fan of superheroes we hear. Apparently Ironman is his favorite! Shetty recently spoke about how excited he was about the release of Avengers Age of Ultron and said that he greatly admired Ironman!

Speaking about the Avengers film, Shetty said

“I am really excited to watch the Avengers sequel, the trailers have been quite promising with some stunning action sequences seen so far. Ironman is definitely one of my favorite Avengers, the physical action he performs in his suit of armor is quite enjoyable. Looking forward to catching it soon!”

Well coming from THE action maestro himself, looks this film is quite deserving of its fan frenzy! Are you going to watch The Avengers flick? Let us know!