Posted on April 24, 2015 at 3:38 pm

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Meet Harnoor Gill, the young Canadian activisit out to change the world!

Georgetown, Canada’s very own Harnoor Gill is a talented young man out to change the world with his movement. The 17-year-old is the founder of the Peace Welcome Club and he has been working hard to promote kindness and unity!

Back in the 8th grade the budding activist was recognized as Canada’s 15 under 15 by the national magazine Canadian Family! He’s also an avid writer, the young star is Brand Ambassador for Times of India, columnist at Asian Journal, a contributing writer at The Indo-Canadian Voice, Commonwealth Correspondent and a blogger for Vancouver Desi. What a resume! If you thought that was impressive check out his list of awards!
-Outstanding Achievement Award
– International Diana Award
– South Asian Teen of the Year Award
– International Young Eco-Hero Award
– The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
– YMCA Peace Medallion
– Young Conservationist
– Young Citizen Award
– Canada’s Top 15 Under 15
– Youth Recognition Award
– Halton Children’s Aid Society’s Special Public Awareness Award
– Outstanding Community Service Award

Clearly an over-achiever Gill says volunteering is his obsession! His club, the Peace Welcome Club, is an organization geared towards immigrant youth to help them find volunteer opportunities. The well rounded young man says age is no barrier, anyone can volunteer! It was Gill’s parents, Harpreet and Jaspal Gill, who first pushed him to volunteer at a young age when he was having problems with a bully in school. They hoped volunteering would take off some of the worries he had as a kid and keep him busy in something productive. Who knew this small gesture would lead to the creation of such a powerful young man.

Harnoor Gill - AsianPR

Over the past few years he has been working on issues dealing with for children, youth, poverty, social justice, environment, and politics. Quiet, humble, compassionate and hard working don’t even cover this young star. His goal is to promote world peace and unity, it looks like he’s already headed in the right direction!

Keep up with Harnoor and his latest work by liking the Peace World Club Facebook Page!