Posted on March 3, 2015 at 12:03 am

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Will Karan Singh Grover play a ‘Gay’ actor? Play Gay? No Problem – he says!

Well this just got super interesting! TV and Film actor Karan Singh Grover comes in for loads of female attention but it doesn’t hamper his personal life at all! Well we aren’t surprised!

“It is not something that reaches me inside my household,” he points out.



He draws comparisons with the fact that a lot of people admire him for the work he does as well – that doesn’t affect his home life either.Quite the cool customer, Karan is not unfazed by the thought of being offered the role of a homosexual character either – hypothetically of course as the hunk hasn’t been offered one in real life as yet. He claims that it would depend on the story and script and what the audience would take from that film. If all that were in place, he would be utterly comfortable with playing a homosexual.

The more challenging the role, the more it interests him. Playing a homosexual or a challenging character which is the exact opposite of what he is, would really test his skills as an actor, he believes. Playing a superhero and showing off a ripped body holds no charms from as that is what any actor can play today. Onscreen nudity doesn’t scare him off either, as long as it is a part of the script and unavoidable. He considers it his duty to perform and give his best, according to what the script demands.

Well what are your thoughts – are you ready to see this hottie turn into a different type of character?