Posted on March 7, 2015 at 3:27 pm

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What's Her Problem? The College Girl Explains it All!

No breaks, no re-takes, this girl would rather grab a break before a breath. Five minutes of incessant chatter drenched in frustration and ridicule, I assure you the two were never better blended. This is an hilarious account of an uber frustrated college girl, who rants on about all these little and large issues of life ranging from her typical Indian family to the typical engineer boyfriend, to relationships in general to a point where all this seems hilarious. Not to forget her current “mouth under renovation” phase. By the time she’s done talking, every Indian girl out there will be left wondering whether was it actually someone else talking or just the echoes of her very own thoughts. It’s relatable and harmless, brutally honest yet hilarious, ultimate unadulterated frustration and you’ve got to hear her out.


What are the problems that a girl in her late adolescences faces when she tries to figure her life out but is stuck beneath the never ending demands of her parents? The turmoil she goes through when her parents can’t decide whether she should be studying all the time or should cook like a pro. Is coming second in the class enough? No, anything less than backing the first place that too with extraordinary marks is a waste! Who remembers the second, right?

When all of that is done, our parents come up with the last ace stating the heart-crushing dialogue “aao beta baitho, baat karni hai,” and in that moment you remember all the “kaands” you’ve commited since birth. Boy, is that a bhayankarr moment. But when they start to talk, they go like “late kyu uthte ho”blah blah with all the seriousness of “why did you hijack the plane?”

Also they expect us to cook for our sasural, warna “log kya kahenge”. Her outburst on her parents confusing demands makes people laugh their ass off.

She also takes on life in general where her braces come in theway of her smile. She finally lashes out her frustration when she’s tired of answering the same question again and again. Why do you pout all the time? Why do you think eh? When she smiles, they say she looks like an awkward 6th grader and when she pouts, she transforms into the mean face that everyone loved to hate back in high school. There go the extremes. Give her a break people! What do you expect her to do? “Akhir karre to kare kya”

Her frustration on boyfriends is the highlight of the video! Now come the paradoxical requirements of relationships. She rants, laughs and asks what boys actually want. Do they want a deep relationship or their personal space? You’ve got to decide boys; it makes a woman go crazy! She laughs knowing deep inside that boys actually don’t have an answer to it. They want it all but can handle none of it, specially the engineers. Their exaggeratedissues about a lot to study and insane class timings have made girls go mad after them. We get it guys, that you’re trying to make a career but you’ve got to give your girlfriend some time. Either don’t make one, or if you do, respect her time and love as well. Someone had to speak the truth. She did.

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