Posted on March 6, 2015 at 6:45 am

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Saidah Jules injures Chirag Jain while shooting for Fun Freaked Face Booked

In Fun Freaked Face Booked, actress Saidah Jules had to do a violent scene with newbie Chirag Jain. But, it wasn’t as easy as imagined for both the actors as Saidah was finding it difficult to execute.


According to the sources, the particular scene required Saidah and Chirag retreat to their rooms, where she gets possessed and starts hitting him. But, it took longer than imagined, as she found it difficult to hit him and was even scared that she might end up injuring him. They had to take several takes as Director Aditya wanted loud acting. It was difficult for the actors as had no perfect script, for Aditya believes in spontaneity.

Also, she ended up beating Chirag while acting possessed. For the sequence to seem authentic, the actress had to slap him and ended up hurting him. But, being a professional, the actor smiled and continued with it. Even in the footage, a few scratches are visible on his body. Aditya thought it was good for the sequence.

Saidah says,

“I believe in Stanislavsky system of acting where whatever you act, you have to know how it feels. If I have never been possessed by spirit I need to imagine how it feels like. It was quite a challenge, but at the end we got what we were looking for and Aditya was happy with our performance.”

The scene was important as it also forms the climax of the movie. And arguably, is the best scene in the movie.

She adds, “It was a good working experience and I’m excited to see how it looks on screen.”

Fun Freaked Face Booked is a psychological thriller coupled with the element of horror and supernatural. It is based on social media addiction and stars Sheetal Singh, Prakash Sudarshan and Manisha Kelkar. FFF is directed by veteran South Indian actor-director Aditya Om.