Posted on March 3, 2015 at 1:27 am

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Saidah Jules has difficulty shooting an intimate scene in Fun Facebook Freaked

Fun Facebook Freaked’s actress Saidah Jules had to do a raunchy love-making scene with newbie Chirag Jain, however, it wasn’t as easy as imagined for both the actors as Saidah was finding it difficult to execute the scene.

According to sources, the particular scene required Saidah and Chirag retreat to their rooms, where they get intimate. While they are romancing one another, she gets possessed and starts hitting him. Unfortunately, it took longer than imagined, as she couldn’t do it properly. They had to do several takes. The main problem was that she had to portray two opposite emotions in a matter of few seconds. The sudden switch was very difficult for her to portray at first. There were also too many people in the room. At one point, she didn’t want to do it at all.

Director, Aditya Om understood the complexities and was very supportive of her. He reminded her of how important the scene is for the story. After a lot of convincing and cajoling, she gave in. After pacifying her, he asked his technicians to leave. With only a few people left in the room, they tried shooting the scene again. Finally at ease, Saidah delivered her best and the scene was perfected.

The scene is important because no one expects to see actors get possessed during an intimate scene and its a high point in the movie. It also forms the climax of the movie. After the shoot, she went over to meet Chirag and apologize for hurting him and Chirag accepted it. Saidah was also impressed by Aditya’s professionalism and wishes to work more with him in near future.

The film is a psychological thriller coupled with the element of horror. It is based on social media addiction and also stars Sheetal Singh, Prakash Sudarshan and Manisha Kelkar.