Posted on March 6, 2015 at 11:22 am

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Pakhi Hegde to star in Jeet Matharru`s Woman From The East (Kudessan)

Pakhi Hegde has made a name for herself as a versatile actress over the years. With a working profile that stretches from Hindi TV soaps to regional cinema to Tulu cinema. Now she will be seen playing the central character in upcoming Bollywood movie Woman From The East.

According to the sources, Pakhi was intrigued by the subject. The whole concept on focusing on women in primitive areas enticed her beyond words. During the narration, the story got to her so much that she was almost in tears.

Directed by Jeet Matharru, ‘Woman From The East‘ depicts the plight of a poor Indian woman, who is marketed as an animal and is made alien right in her own mother land.

Stereotyping women and gender discrimination has been a common topic for many years. The movie reaches out the them.

Kudessan ( Punjabi version of the bilingual film – Woman from the East ) is set to release on the 6th of March 2015 celebrating international woman’s day, being on 8th March