Posted on March 2, 2015 at 11:57 pm

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Amitabh Bachchan and Social Media!

And this is why we love Big B! He knows his social media game! The Veteran Actor Maybe 72, But He Is Undoubtedly One Of The Most Tech-Savvy Actors In Bollywood Today With Millions Following Him On The Digital Space. Here He Talks About His Love For Social Media And The Need To Know His Beloved Fans, As PRATISHTHA MALHOTRA Takes Notes! 

As many celebs complain about social media being a bane, there’s the septuagenarian, super popular, cyber-savvy Bachchan who completely disagrees. He is known to be quite active on Facebook, Twitter and his blog where he shares his personal live with the world.

Talking about social media he says,

“I think celebrities or people who gain some kind of public importance and particularly so in films, don’t get an opportunity to meet the people who have put them on this pedestal. We don’t see, we don’t hear, we don’t meet the people who actually go and see our films and who show their love and affection. We get to see their love and affection because they repeatedly go and see your films. Social media has made it possible to know your fans now and that is wonderful, I feel. It has given us the facility to connect with people. I feel that when they get an opportunity to talk seriously and meet the person they have admired, it brings us closer together.

“I feel honoured to be on social media because I have the opportunity to talk to people, hear them and know what they are actually saying. Apart from the fact that it is a huge opportunity for me, it also gives an opportunity to me to know them and their true mind. The social media is not necessarily all complimentary, there is abuse, there is criticism, suggestion and I look upon it and take everything. I feel that you can’t have everybody say nice things about you and it is never going to happen. There are going to be people who dislike you, not like your work, who will abuse you, who will criticise you…and I welcome that because nobody is perfect. But if I can extract something from that which I feel I can repair within me, then I look at that as an opportunity. I have discovered that in my association over so many years, there are many brilliant minds who will give an assessment of my work, my character, something that I may have said, something that I may have done, some picture that I must have posted on my look and it is so brilliant that I actually admire that. There have been many times when I have not bothered to look in that direction. And that’s like a learning graph for me.

“On Twitter, Facebook and my blog; there are some wonderful people. They may want to express their affection to me and the way they put it is brilliant. If you ever go to my blog, there is some amazing artistry that goes out there. They will take a photograph of mine and would design something, photoshop it, add their little bits to it and post it. How wonderful is it to see that? I would never have been able to know that in the early years. If I see something having some really good value, I reprint it so others can read it. A lot of people tell me, ‘Why do you go on social media? Why are you exposing yourself? An artist and a star should remain an enigma.’ I feel that’s a lot of rubbish in today’s time. Look at the television programmes, every second day you have someone or the other on a programme, talking their heart out. You hear them…where did we get this opportunity before? We saw it only in print…. So you know I think social media has brought all of us together. I am happy with it.”

So what do you think – do you agree with Big B’s theory on the world of social media?