Posted on February 27, 2015 at 12:25 am

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A Laughter Filled Night with Sajid Khan and Farah Khan – Comedy Nights with Kapil!

It is not a hidden fact than Sajid Khan has an amazing sense of humor and his films have also proved them time and again. He is someone who takes even criticism on the positive side and life for him is a fun carnival. The man himself recently was seen creating a laughter riot at the popular comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil, even honing the role of a stand-up comedian. He was accompanied by his sister Farah Khan in the show, who now is ready to show off her culinary skills in her new cookery show.

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It was hard to stop from grinning ‘ear-to-ear’ with the witty man cracking the funniest of anecdotes and even taking a few low blows himself for his recent film. He left the audience into splits when he shared his funny experiences while directing, also while generally observing a lot of humorous things. His ability to turn the driest of situations into the funniest of jokes is something only a rare talent can possess, and Sajid Khan certainly has been gifted with it.

Farah Khan, his sister, also shared their childhood memories as she recalled her brother as always being the prankster and creating a ruckus of laughter amongst others. Both of them were film crazy people but, Sajid Khan was even crazier who would choose films over anything in this world if ever given a choice. It is this ‘never-satisfied thirst’ for films that led both the siblings to master the art of creating it and become inspirations themselves. Sajid Khan even displayed his rather reclusive emotional side when asked about his sister, terming her the ‘best sister’ in the world.