Posted on January 23, 2015 at 2:15 pm

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UH OH! Why Ranbir’s social media outing wasn’t a grand success!

Social Media presence is something that image consultants and public relation officers are extremely keen on these days, especially for public it is almost a rule to be on social networking sites. However, there are many actors who are refuting the rule and doing their best in avoiding it. But recently the buzz was that Ranbir Kapoor will be joining Twitter, for a period of six precious hours.

It was a part of a campaign ‘Ranbir Goes For A Six’ and the conspirators were looking to create a social media frenzy with the much awaited Kapoor finally hitting the scene.

Unfortunately, either the build-up wasn’t that effective or the fans didn’t understand that the actor would be online only for those six hours, somehow they only managed a 20k followers in those hours, which isn’t as grand as it sounds, when it comes to a celebrity of Ranbir Kapoor’s stature hitting the scene. Given the actor has had no releases for a while, and his upcoming ‘Roy’, only sees him playing a slightly fleshed out cameo, Ranbir Kapoor might really want to analyze the reason for this lukewarm response.

We wonder will he stay on social media or get off after Roy!