Posted on January 31, 2015 at 1:23 pm

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Smiles and Tears Conclude Pukaar!

Celebrations is probably the best way to call things quits, so the final episode of Pukaar – Call For The Hero will see the series conclude with the engagement of Aarti and Rajveer, however the tears of happiness you might see in the series were mostly the cast and crew’s heavy hearts, at the conclusion of the 150 days of togetherness.


Given the series has been one of its kind, the crew along with the cast have enjoyed the experience as much as the audience. Every new limestone they have surmounted has been etched in memories, so obviously the end saw a lot of welled-up eyes.

While shooting the engagement scene, they brought in a cake onto the set and the whole unit celebrated the completion of the shot. In fact, they ensured even those who weren’t required on the sets that day were present to conclude the episode. Here’s hoping the end marks a new beginning, and the hit team come together again and soon!