Posted on January 25, 2015 at 6:49 am

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Pain Of The Boxer by Manish Joshi

Pain Of The Boxer is the first ever song on IT Guys/Working professionals which best describes their pain and suffering while working day and night to complete the given task. Sung & composed by Manish Joshi, Pain On The Boxer  is a quentissential soulful track blended with the beautiful use of acoustic chords to complement the flavour of it’s theme. The life of the normal IT man!


The lyrics have been written by Manish Joshi & Vibhas Sawar, whilst the Sounding Arranging has been done by Sawar too.  The Video Directory & Editing of the music video has been done by Aayus Anand, Director Of Photography  by Shubhojit Ghosh & Assistant Director Of Photography is Shreyan Ghosh.

Watch out for this track, as it will ooze your relax buds in making you want to hear every beat that it has to offer.