Posted on January 24, 2015 at 9:15 pm

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Did you say National Bollywood Day?

2014 marked 100 years of Bollywood Cinema! 100 years of non-stop entertainment from an industry that has swept millions of fans off their feet through its music and movies. An incomparable empire that has grown from the bustling city of dreams – Mumbai to every part of the world one can possibly imagine. Even as we live miles apart, Bollywood has given a platform to many of us Indian Americans to stay connected with India through its music/dance/movies. Isn’t it time we recognize and celebrate Bollywood in the United States (and beyond)?


Well, Bollywood United, a grassroots organization, with its mission to spread awareness about Bollywood in mainstream America is doing just that. Bollywood United hopes to petition the United States Congress to pass a resolution to recognize the first Saturday in October as National Bollywood Day. Sanskriti Inamdar of Ishanya Dance Company, North Carolina started this initiative in August of 2014 with a goal to put “Bollywood on the map!” The campaign’s backbone has been Urban Asian founder and a true die-hard Bollywood lover,  Roshni Patel! 

The campaign is joined by several Bollywood fans worldwide who have signed the petition that is out to Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Mayor Buckhorn was instrumental in bringing IIFA Awards to Tampa Bay, Florida in 2014 – a Bollywood awards show that in one weekend alone generated $26.4 million in total visitor spending. The campaign is also being supported by Shiamak Davar Dance School, Cineyug Entertainment, Visit Tampa Bay! organization, Pearl Enterprises, TVAsia, Bollywood America, and Indo American Association of Delaware just to name a few.

National Bollywood Day

Bollywood United will be hosting the first kickoff ceremony for the campaign on March 7th, 2015 in Delaware. Delaware is the first state to officially proclaim a Bollywood Day. Passing a resolution through Congress is a very daunting task and a true grassroots level effort is necessary. So, Bollywood United needs you – Bollywood fans and family – to promote the National Bollywood campaign. You can help Bollywood United by being a host and helping us reach out to every political entity in each major city in the US to provide us with a proclamation for National Bollywood Day. To find more information on how you can contribute or to simply join and share reach us on Facebook and Twitter at Bollywood United.

Be sure to sign the petition as well – here to get us National Bollywood Day!