Posted on January 31, 2015 at 3:40 am

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Did MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Inspire Ekta Kapoor to become a filmmaker?

Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor who truly is a film mogul in India today is always open to new creative advancements being a modern day producer. Ekta always wishes to give audiences new stories and experiences when they go to the cinemas. Recently when she announced her tie up with Dolby Atmos for her upcoming film ‘Azhar;, Ekta has an interesting take as to why she adapted to this new technology.

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Truthfully said, Ekta confessed that Hollywood films are what truly inspire her creatively for her movies and it was the incredible sounds in the movie ‘Mission Impossible’ which astonished and inspired her to bring such experiences for the Indian audiences! Well it is a great film!

Ekta was heard saying,

“I was so mesmerized by movies such as ‘Gravity’ and MI-4 that as a director- producer I felt the need to get similar technology in Bollywood. A movie is all about the story – direction – costumes – acting but what adds that added zing is the sound. With Dolby Atmos we can aim at being at par with the Hollywood movies in terms of the sound technology.”

Ekta even said more about the use of this new technology in her movie ‘Azhar’. “Dolby Atmos allows you to play with sounds. ‘Azhar’ will be a celebration of a legend.

For instance for stadium shots of cricket matches we wish to play and capture sounds from all direction, and this technology will help us with that,” she added.