Posted on September 16, 2014 at 6:07 am


UrbanAsian Spotlight: Rashi Stephens

Talk about multi-tasking! This Urban Asian model turned actress, Rashi Stephens, is not only a former Miss India Global, but Miss India North America 2008 and a red carpet TV Host! You can also spot her on magazine covers, music videos, runway shows and now, the silver screen!

PosterRashi has wrapped up two films in the last year. One being, Mauj Mastiyan, a Punjabi comedy about 3 boys who come from India to party in the West and end up getting themselves into a lot of trouble. Rashi plays the role of ‘Kimi’ – a Punjabi-American girl they meet in America who gets dragged into some of their chaotic situations.

Aside from filming, Rashi has had a busy few months! With shoots, shows, appearances, events and preparing for her film release, she also met Indian politician, Vijay Jolly, from Delhi and was pinned earlier this year with a ‘pin of excellence’ for her hard work in the Entertainment Industry and success on her recent projects.

Rashi is originally from New York City, though she lived most of her life in Washington State. She now resides in Los Angeles. She is half Rajasthani and half Punjabi and speaks fluent Hindi.

Future plans for this actress include going to India early next year and working on another Indo-American film!

Let’s wish Rashi the best!