Posted on May 21, 2014 at 3:38 am

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The kids are all ready to be 'Mighty'

Cheers to all the kids who are still waiting to be Mighty. It has been five days since ‘Mighty Raju Rio Calling’ has adorned the screens in cinemas. The movie is talked about a lot on the grounds of its marketing initiatives and association with a notable actress. It has also received positive reviews about its promotional events and distribution, animation and also about the Director and Producers of the movie.

The author reveals his thoughts saying,

“I will go back to those five days when I had taken my kids out to watch a movie. As usual, both my seven year old son and my ten year old daughter were up to the brink of excitement when I told them that I had the tickets for the movie ‘Mighty Raju Rio Calling’. When my wife appreciated the effort, I walked into the theater not knowing for sure what I will be doing for the next one hour because it is an animaed movie for children. During the movie I asked my son at least four times if he was following the movie, and each time he replied with a smile saying “mazaa aa raha hai”. I saw my daughter delightfully enjoying the movie and staring at Maria with her eyes wide open whenever she appeared on the screen. I even overheard her discussing Maria’s dress with my wife during the interval session…. girls!”

We enjoyed watching Mighty Raju’s adventure, set in Rio de Janeiro, portrayed on colorful canvas for over an hour. I must applaud the animators for doing a wonderful job of designing the shots of Christ the Redeemer, looking over the city as its protector. I also enjoyed the music which boasted of some well researched Latino flavor. While the rap song by Bali Brahmabhat was punchy, the song sung by Sunidhi Chauhan was definitely the highlight of the film’s soundtrack.



The script can only be described as a Bollywood style kid’s potboiler. There is a hero of course as Raju and Mighy Raju, the women as Julie and Maria, the other guy as Daniel, the villain as Lucas, a comedian as Don Pedro and a friend as Louie. The entire set up of Mighty Raju saving Rio from the clutches of the notorious mafia, while losing his powers to a technological device, added to the various chase sequences. Mafia dons, capoeira fighters, science and technology, a talking dog and even a talking robot make you lose yourselves in the beautifully pictured world of Mighty Raju.

This movie is mostly targeted towards the children aged 4 to 10. This is definitely a good move as the style of animation, the conversations between characters and even the action sequences have been simplistically created to appeal to the mind of a child as opposed to other famous global animated films which mostly target the ‘child in an adult’.

It has a perfect setting of how good prevails over the bad and is a perfect is a perfect start to your toddler’s summer vacation.

The author is 40 years old, has 2 kids and now feels Mighty …