Posted on May 19, 2013 at 1:27 am

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Ziindagi 50-50 to the first Hindi Film To Release In Four Languages!

Veena Malik PhotoShoot For Zindagi 50-50(29)Considering the whole world enjoys Bollywood films, why not make the film into different languages that everyone can understand. Well that’s what one upcoming film is doing to get a wide audience reach! Guess you could call that a great marketing technique! Hindi film industry has many records lacing it and one more that gets added to its crown comes from the Hindi film Ziindagi 50-50. Produced by Ramgopal Productions and Spotlight International Film, Ziindagi 50-50 happens to be the first Hindi film to be released in four different languages on the very same day of its release.

The movie stars Veena Malik, Rajan Verma, Riya Sen, Supriya Kumari, Rajpal Yadav, Arya Babbar, Murali Sharma, Ganesh Yadav, Adi Irani, Atul among others, the film revolves around a story of special dreams of a common man. And the way he has to fulfill those dreams, sometimes with struggle, sometimes easily and sometimes when he has to lose everything.

Talking about the record of the film Rajan Verma says,

“It’s a great feat we are trying to achieve Ziindagi 50-50 deals with a topic which is reaching to people across all regions of India and hence it was important for us to reach out the masses of all religions through their languages. The film will release in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam simultaneously on the day of its release.”

 Ziindagi 50-50 makes it to the theaters on 24th of May, 2013.