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4 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: The Sky Is Pink
Directed By: Shonali Bose
Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Zaira Wasim, Rohit Saraf
Run Time: 135 minutes
Review By: Reema Chhabda


The Sky Is Pink
The Sky Is Pink

The Sky Is Pink’ is a story about a girl named Aisha (Zaira Wasim), her mom Aditi (Priyanka Chopra), her dad Niren (Farhan Akhtar) and her elder brother (Rohit Saraf). Aisha is dealing with a rare disease called pulmonary fibrosis, which misplaces the life of Aditi and Niren. Their life takes turns and twists according to Aisha’s health issues. When finally she overcomes her disease at the age of 18, her lungs get an infection which is uncurable.

The scariest thing about a dead person is listening to their voice when they are dead. And that point is the beautiful part of the movie. Aisha, who loses her life due to the disease at the age of 19 is narrating the overall story, about her parents, her brother and her life when she was alive. The movie becomes more and more beautiful as time passes by.

The story of The Sky Is Pink states how Aisha’s parents fight with everyone and everything for the happiness they want to watch at their daughter’s face. They try to get her a boyfriend or a vacation for her to come of heartbreak to getting her a dog because she loves dogs, everything is just good looking in the movie. Until the time when she starts fighting with her disease. The emotions in Niren and Aditi’s face are so real that you start feeling about the real parents of Aisha and how sportingly they handled everything that life gave them.

The Sky is Pink
The Sky is Pink

There’s something about stories in which the characters defy all odds to achieve something and ‘The Sky Is Pink’ is one such story. While the first half is a bit inconsistent, the second half flows smoothly. But the film is still good. Also, the fact that we all know the climax, but still are in the flow of the movie must be appreciated.

Farhan Akhtar will make you realize that an actor like him can perform with utmost brilliance. Priyanka Chopra Jonas is so brilliant that we wish to see her doing more and more films in Bollywood now. Zaira Wasim has delivered some great performances in films like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Secret Superstar’, with her role here, she steals the show and hearts. Rohit Saraf acts, looks and smiles at her best in the movie. All the supporting casts of the movie are perfect at their places.

Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, and Rohit Saraf in a still from The Sky Is Pink
Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, and Rohit Saraf in a still from The Sky Is Pink

Shonali Bose’s direction is at his best. The story of the movie is displayed so smooth that one is stuck to their places till the end.

The cinematography is gritty as per the demands of the sequence. Editing is crisp and smooth. The emotions are the highlight of the film as it syncs very well with the narrative. The music also works in favor of the film.

Overall, ‘The Sky Is Pink’ has an appealing content, which will melt your heart and win it.


We give ‘The Sky Is Pink’ 4 stars with all our hearts.

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