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3.5 Urbanasian Rating

Movie Name: The Perfect Date

Director: Chris Nelson

Cast: Noah Centineo, Laura Marano, Camila Mendes, Odiseas Gerorgiadis and Matt Walsh.

Duration: 1h 30min

Genre: Romedy

Platform: Netflix

The Perfect Date
The Perfect Date

Have you ever thought of dating guys/girls just for one night to earn some money? Sounds something new right? Well, The Perfect Date starring Noah Centineo, who plays the character of Brooks Rattigan is a normal college boy who desperately wants to get into Yale but according to his financial status, it is a bit difficult for him.


In order to earn some cash for Yale, Brooks, by posing as the boyfriend of the self-assured, combat boot-loving Celia Lieberman played by Laura Marano. And while acting to date Celia, Brooks meets Shelby played by Camila Mendes, who is very rich and Brooks falls for her and wants to win her over.


Murph, who is Brooks colleague and also works with him at the Sub sandwich restaurant helps him build an app where Brooks will date girls and in order of dating them, he will also get paid by them. Now, how cool is that?


Well, I don’t mind shedding a few bucks to date Brooks 😉


Well, keeping the feelings aside, let’s continue talking about the movie. Brooks, who wants to win over Shelby has a fake break up with Celia to show Shelby that he is over Celia and wins over Shelby. But this is not it. Will Brooks get into Yale? Is Shelby actually his dream girl, or will Celia swoop in and steal his heart? What happens to Celia?  Will Shelby know about Brooks dating app? To get an answer to all these questions you need to watch the movie.


Overall the movie is amazing and all the characters are at their best. Noah, as usual, steals away our heart but this time the main attraction is Laura Marano.


Trust me you won’t get disappointed at all. So tune into Netflix and go watch The Perfect Date.


We at UrbanAsian would like to give The Perfect Date, the perfect 3.5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

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