The Last Colour: Vikas Khanna’s Film Celebrates The End Of The Dark Eras , ,

3 Urbanasian Rating

The Last Colour is about a relationship between a young tight rope walker and a middle-aged widow. The film stars Aqsa Siddiqui as Chhoti and Neena Gupta as the middle-aged widow, Noor.

The Last Colour
The Last Colour

It is shot in the street of Banaras and showcases the simplest tale of the street.

The film is based on Vikas Khanna’s book of the same name – The Last Color. It starts with an adult chhoti returning to Banaras after defeating a regressive law preventing widows from celebrating Holi.

It is based on the real-life 2012 Supreme Court case. It brings out emotions and has beautifully portrayed the city of Banaras. Each character is showcased at their best.

Talking about the cinematography it has been perfect the whole scene and story holds us up with emotions and is with the flow. It deals with a social issue and talks about how such social norms and rules impact people. Such a topic can offend people but the subject is dealt with such finis that there are no negative vibes. Making such a film with a social message is tough and in the first attempt, Vikas has done his job well.

Colours play an important part in the film but are still kept subtle as per the tone of the film. He has made it in the form of a documentary film that will definitely be loved by the audience. It takes place mostly during the 2012 festival of Holi.

Taking about the performances, the film has the talented Neena Gupta in the lead. She has totally justified the role of Noor. Aqsa Siddiqui has worked well as Chhoti and has not only made us all emotional but entertained us in certain parts of the film. All the other character has done their job well.

Talking about drawbacks, one of the major turnoffs is the length of the film. A little shorter, crips editing would add more charm to this beautiful story set in the ghats of Banaras.

We give the film three stars, you can watch The Last Colour on Vimeo. Also, the film is all set to hit the LA audience on 31st October 2019.

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