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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Satellite Shankar
Directed By: Irfan Kamal
Cast: Sooraj Pancholi, Megha Akash, Palomi Ghosh
Run Time: 2hrs 10mins
Review By: Grinell Jacinto

Sooraj Pancholi on the poster of Satellite Shankar
Sooraj Pancholi on the poster of Satellite Shankar

Satellite Shankar tells the story of an Indian Army soldier who owing to an injury incurred during a cross border firing gets a week off to rest. Instead of resting during this periods he pleads his superior to grant him leave to visit his mother as she has to undergo an eye operation and his leave for the same was cancelled at the last minute.

He gives an oath to be back at base on the following morning in time for the attendance call. What follows in the next two hours is his journey from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and back to the post. The troubles and obstacles he faces because of his selfless, kind and helpful nature is what makes up most of the film. Is he able to meet his family and reach back in time is what the film is all about.

Shankar (Sooraj Pancholi) or Satellite Shankar as he is fondly called by his battalion and their family is a helpful guy in the Indian Army who aces in cheering up the member in his troop. When he gets to visit his family during his 8 days sick leave he is loaded with gifts and parcels for the family of those whose leave was cancelled.

Because of his good nature and helpfulness, he helps and old couple but misses his train. There after he accompanies a blogger (Palomi Ghosh) – who has a lots of influence – by taxi. There he bust the taxi mafia racket with her but misses his train again. He one again misses the same train when he goes to save people stuck in a bus that’s under the live currents of the railway line. While he is all out to help everyone, the focus is also on his personal life where he meet Pramila (Megha Akash) a microbiology nurse who his mother wants him to marry.

Sooraj Pancholi in a still from Aari Aari, Satellite Shankar
Sooraj Pancholi in a still from Aari Aari, Satellite Shankar

Sooraj Pancholi has made a genuine effort and given his all for the film. You can see the dedication and honesty in his work. You can see the improvement in his acting since his debut film. Megha Akash as Pramila is sure and leaves an impression with her performance. Palomi Ghosh too delivers a good performance.

The story is good and if it starrer an established actor it would work wonders on the audience. The dialogue are amazing and are sure to make you chuckle, laugh and touch your heart as well. The songs and background score are ok – they don’t add nor subtract anything from the film.

Direction is good. The cinematography is beautiful and is sure to take you touring all across the country.

While the attempt is there to show the plights and pains soldiers and their family face, the movie has incorporated almost every cliché and has generalized problems. The film talks about patriotism but does little to evoke it in the heart of the viewers.

We give Satellite Shankar 3 stars

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