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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Padmavyuha

Directed By: Raj Krishna

Cast: Nikhil Prakash, Ross Turner, Pooja Batra

Run Time: 39 Mins

Padmavyuha is a story about ‘faith’, about the people and their ‘beliefs’. The thing that makes us all powerful.


The film showcase a university professor in two different shades of life.

On in which is doesn’t believe the existence of God. And in the other where he get to know the power and the facts of it’s existence.

Nikhil Prakash and Director Raj Krishna
Nikhil Prakash and Director Raj Krishna

Professor Ramdas played by Nikhil Prakash teaches a class on Faith. However in the past he was a  agnostic.

One day, he receives a call from an unidentified person about the disappearance of a journalist, Radcliffe. The one who was researching a Hindu extremist group.

Professor investigation and finds what Radcliffe left behind. He come across Hindu texts, belief systems and practices that lead him to reassess his own world view.

The film explores his journey of a person and his realisation on Hinduism, wherein his willingness to believe remains shaky till he finds an artefact.

However the film ends with a twist about embracing of Hindusim, not as a religion but as Hindutva, a way of life.

Raj Krishna
Raj Krishna

Director Raj Krishna has beautiful showcase the story that how mythology can be buried strong and can be taken both in a positive and negative way. The core idea a person faith versus his belief is the theme of story.

As showcased ever character in the film has it’s importance. It is explaining that we have seen a lot of violence and misconception in the name of religion.

William Ryan Fritch music in the film is to the point and has made intense sort of chemistry in the whole story.

Talking about the performances, Nikhil Prakash as Professor Shaki Ramdas is the prefect person for the role. As a viewer you can go along with his believes from past to present.

Pooja Batra
Pooja Batra

While one the other hand, Professor Anjali Mudra played by Pooja Batra has very less but the most effective part in the story. She unfolds the main evidence in the case. It showcased how Hinduism needs to be told and explained.

Ross Turner as Detective Mark King has done is job well. Even his final climax performance in the story will definitely surprise the audience.

We with all our heart give the film 3 stars. We recommend you to watch the suspense film.

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