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4 Urbanasian Rating

Short Film: Nathkat
Cast: Vidya Balan, Sanika Patel, Raj Arun, Sparsh Shrivastav & Atul Tiwari
Director: Shaan Vyas
Run Time: 33:23
Review By: Manisha Karki

Nathkat is a short story about how a child learns everything from it’s surroundings. Right from home to the people he observes, that’s what makes him realise what is good and what is bad and awaken his real values.


This 33 minute short film showcases that of a little boy (Sanika Patel). He observes and emulates things that are happing around him – passing his days at school and at home. He does some harmless mischief (Natkhat) that turns out to be bullying and worse.

The story starts when the boy witness a bunch of older teenagers indulge in dubious activities. He tried to act the older teenagers do with his school kids.

The scene becomes more intense at the dining table. Where (Vidya Balan), the ghoonghat-clad wife and daughter-in-law serving her husband, younger brother in law, and father in law (Raj Arun, Sparsh Shrivastav and Atul Tiwari respectively) – All of them are having their men talk casually about dealing with pesky, independent women.

In the short film, the comments made by the kid might shock you with his indecent thinking, but it will also make you realise that kids starts learning from home and from the people they look up too.

Director Shaan Vyas’ story telling will hold you with curiosity as to what will happen next. The story takes you on an emotional journey and will connect you with the child.

Vidya Balan plays a women who gives the biggest lesson to her kid. She tells the tale of a king and his daughter and that is worth watching.

The story will take you to that part of the kid life where her mother is dealing with domestic violence and where every girl is forced to listen to the men around. With this, the mother-son duo will burst out of emotions when the story ends.

It gives you a huge and strong message that not only kids but society too should learn from this short film.

We with all out heart give the film 4 stars.

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