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3 Urbanasian Rating
Feature Name: Mamangam
Directed By: M. Padmakumar
Cast: Mammootty, Achuthan, Unni Mukundan, Tarun Arora, Siddique, Prachi Tehlan, Anu Sithara, Kaniha, Ineya
Run Time: 157 Minutes
Review By: Manisha Karki

Mamangam is the story about the Mamangam Mahotsavam, a fair that was held every 12 years in the 17th and 18th centuries in Thirunavaya on the banks of the river Bharathapuzha.


The story starts in 1698 and follows two members from the Chandroth family of Valluvanadu in their bid to overthrow the Zamorins. It is like a battle between the Valluvanadu people and the Zamorins.

The first half of the film begins with an action scene when Chandroth Valiya Panicker (Mammootty) and his chaaverukal try to kill the Zamorin during a Mamangam festival.

The story line is little slow but is otherwise an engaging story.

While the second half promises more action as another Chaaver presumably joins the two from the Chandroth family. However till the end we feel that the victory will take its part anyhow but the real story of bravery and sacrifice has been showcased.

The director have beautifully showcased the historic things. Everything is been considered well right from the costume to the weapons, the larger than life sets, colour combinations and more. Filmography of the film takes us to different modes and tones of shades emotionally. The only part that put you off is the high jumps and the slow story presentation.


Talking about the perfomances, each and every person has done a great job in terms of acting and also in the fight sequence. Mammootty as Panikkar was brilliant even when he hides his character. From fight sequence to emotional bound his presence on screen is magical. Unni Mukundan as Chandroth Panicker aka Aniyan Kuttan in some sequence of the film has done a well job when he leaves for the battle. Achuthan as Chandroth Chanthunni, this little boy has taken the screen all together. When he is present on screen, you won’t be watching any of the character.

Apart from this Tarun Arora as Zamar Koya has a small but an important in the film. He was one of the best choise for the roles. Prachi Tehlan as Unnimaaya has done a good job. Also, all the other actors have performed well.

We give this film 3 stars and you can watch the story of the un-sung hero that fought the battle and know some more about the history of Mamangam.

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