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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Made In China
Directed By: Mikhil Musale
Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy, Boman Irani, Paresh Rawal, Amyra Dastur, Sumeet Vyas, Gajraj Rao
Run Time: 128 minutes
Review By: Grinell Jacinto

Made In China
Made In China

Made In China is a movie that traces the journey of Raghuvir Mehta from being an aspiring entrepreneur to becoming the CEO of a multinational company. How does he climb the ladder? Does he face issues on his journey? The film will answer these questions.

Well, the film isn’t only about him and his journey – it gives equal importance to Dr. Vardhi, a sexologist who was driven out of Uganda and a couple more people who want to make fast bucks.

Comedy is a difficult genre to execute as well as to act in. The dialogues and narrative have to be at the top of the game to keep the audience engaged in the film. Directing such a film too takes an effort and debutant director Mikhil Musale does a good job at it.

The story is weak but the occasional punch lines and comedy rescue it to a certain extent. Not just restricted to comedy, the film also talks about the taboos attached to sex and sexual diseases & more. The dialogues could have been better but in comparison to some content that we have these days, this may be a notch higher.

PS: Showing a woman smoking and drinking doesn’t make her modern.

Talking about performances, Rajkummar puts on a believable performance. You feel for him when he is humiliated by his family for being a failure at the different things he tries, you join him in his jubilant times when his business succeeds as well as feel bad when he is faced with a huge problem in his personal and professional life.

Boman Irani does an exceptional job as the sexologist who is trying to educate everyone about ‘sex’. Gajraj Rao and Paresh Rawal have a small role but they leave a lasting impression. Sumeet Vyas, on the other hand, plays a slightly grey character & sticks to the nuances.

Mouni Roy fails to impress. After seeing her for years on the small screen, her performance falls flat in the film. Her character too has no development.

The music and cinematography are average.

We give Made In China 3 stars and if you want to have a good laugh (with a weak story film) do watch it.

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