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2 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Laal Kaptaan
Directed By: Navdeep Singh
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Deepak Dobriyal, Manav Vij, Zoya Hussain, Simone Singh
Review By: Manisha Karki

Laal Kaptaan
Laal Kaptaan

Laal Kaptaan is about Gossain (Saif Ali Khan) a person who is out to take revenge and later becomes a naga sadhu because he escapes death. The film is dark and showcases Saif Ali Khan in a totally different light as he takes revenge from his brother Rehmat Khan (Manav Vij).

The film starts in the periodic time with the voice-over of Saif Ali Khan where he says, that the world is round and what has happened today will happen tomorrow. It’s a whole life circle of life and death – which is never-ending.

It showcases the periodic time and era when the British ruled India and there were fights against the Rohilla Muslim and Maratha. The story takes us 25 years back where there is a chase and many characters are behind the sadhu. While he is in search of Rehmat Khan the story creates suspense as the scene passes by and questions regarding why is Gossain thirst for his blood? The answers arrive eventually, but it’s too late to satiate a fidgety viewer.

Laal Kaptaan
Laal Kaptaan

Navdeep Singh directorial has no doubt worked hard to showcase the story of the 18th century. But Saif Ali Khan’s character look will remind you about the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’s cult hero Jack Sparrow. However, the western fusion of the look does not work well with the storyline. This film could have been an amazing novel but filming it might not be liked by many of the common audiences.

There is a different type of trippy music in the film that will remind of Lord Shiva. It is totally matching up with the character of Naga Sadhu.

The camera and the art department has done a good job. They have captured the dusty desert landscapes of Rajasthan – but a beautiful canvas cannot make up for a weak story.

Laal Kaptaan
Laal Kaptaan

Coming to the performances, Saif Ali Khan once again has tried something different. He has worked hard on his physic and has gained weight for his role which is impressive. Sonakshi Sinha plays a small cameo as Noor Bai, who also wants revenge on Rehmat Khan. Deepak Dobriyal was one of the unmissable characters in the film. Especially his comic timing and the dialogue. Manav Vij totally justifies the role of Rehmat Khan.

Zoya Hussain bored in some part of the film where she played the love interest of Naga Sadhu. Simone Singh has done her job well as a queen.

However, the character played their part well but the story failed to portray the gory misadventure. You can give Laal Kaptaan a miss this weekend.

We give Laal Kaptaan 2 stars for their efforts and performances.

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