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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Khushfehmiyaan
Directed By: Vishal Kumar Patil
Cast: Maitrik Thakkar, Aman Tyagi, Ankit Raizada, Nasir Abdullah, Pratibha Tiwarrii
Review By: Manisha Karki

Khushfehmiyaan is the story of Kabir (Ankit Raizada), Rocky (Maitrik Thakkar) and Sam (Aman Tyagi).


The three are best friends and adopted cooks, who are the popular chefs of Peter’s Café in Goa. Fiercely committed to each other, their friendships take a sour turn torn as they compete for Peter’s daughter Carol, who is back from Russia to take care of Peter.

Their rivalry results in them leaving both, Peter’s Café and Peter. They make their way to other cities to be on their own. However, when Peter dies, they come for his funeral, each boasting of their success, but feeling hollow inside.

The series is the story of their coming to terms with themselves, rediscovering their identity as Peter’s Chefs and most importantly rediscovering their brotherly love for each other.

Director Vishal Kumar Patil has beautifully showcased the bonding of friends and each and every relation in the series. The cinematography is great beautifully showcasing their trips. The series shows the beauty of the most chilled out place – that is Goa.

Talking about performances – the three friends Maitrik Thakkar, Aman Tyagi, Ankit Raizada were actually great with their acting skill, the kind of circumstances they face in the series, their friendship and brotherly love is beautiful. Also, Nasir Abdullah as Peter Braganza was a perfect fit for the role. Pratibha Tiwarrii as Carol was fantastic on-screen.

The series has six episodes and is a Vishal Kumar Patil directorial. Prakash Tiwari and Rohan Tiwari has produced the series, while Pragati Tiwari and Nisha Tiwari are the co-producers.  The music was provided by Avishek Majumder.

Khushfehmiyaan is currently streaming on the online platform, Gemplex.

We give Khushfehmiyaan 3 stars. You can enjoy this amazing series over the weekend.

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