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The newest Netflix spy thriller, ‘Khufiya’, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, stars Tabu, Wamiqa Gabbi and Ali Fazal in lead roles. The film follows Tabu’s character, Krishna Mehra, also known as KM, as she avenges the death of her colleague and lover, while balancing the responsibilities of being a spy for the Indian government. 

Photo credit to Netflix and Wamiqa Gabbi’s Instagram

When KM’s asset and love interest is killed due to a mole in the agency, she makes it her task to find the mole and hold him responsible. Bhardwaj does a phenomenal job focusing the story solely on KM’s operation to catch Fazal’s character, Ravi Mohan, with flashbacks showing the story of how Heena (her asset and lover) was murdered, and the connection of her murder to Fazal’s betrayal. 

Tabu’s character is highly complex, as she navigates being a spy and a mother, while hiding who she really is from her son. Tabu’s art of creating subtle shifts in her character throughout the story really shines through in ‘Khufiya’, as the audience learns more about KM’s layered background. 

Wamiqa Gabbi plays the role of Fazal’s wife, Charu Mohan, who is initially considered to be Ravi’s accomplice, but KM later realizes that she is completely innocent. Gabbi’s performance is flawless, as her character navigates learning about her husband’s betrayal, and wanting to take revenge. Gabbi takes over the screen in the second-half of the film, and meticulously showcases the struggle of a mother hoping to meet her son again. 

‘Khufiya’ is now streaming on Netflix worldwide!

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