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3.5 Urbanasian Rating

Play Name: Kaise Karenge?
Darsheel Safary, Abhishek Pattnaik, Prakhar Singh, Gaurangi Dang
Written by: Abhishek Pattnaik
Directed by: Suketu Shah

Imagine this. You’re just one step away from your dream. And at that same time, you’re faced with a personal issue and you have got to make a choice. You can either be with a loved one and let go of your dream or choose your dream and let a loved one suffer alone. What will you do?

That’s exactly what happens in Kaise Karenge? Saurav Parasrampuria (Darsheel Safary) is a 21-year-old brilliant student. He aims to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It’s his big dream. But just before his final interview, his brother Kapil Parasrampuria (Abhishek Pattnaik) is diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder. He can still go for it but chooses to stay with his brother to help him.

Abhishek Pattnaik, Prakhar Singh & Darsheel Safary in a still from Kaise Karenge?

You are introduced to the characters in the initial few minutes. It takes a while to reach the main conflict. But that’s okay. While the story is a bit predictable, you are involved as there are many interesting situations. The dialogues are especially well-written. Many hilarious gags also go in favour of the play. The scene involving the doctor is particularly good and so is the climax. However, the first act could’ve definitely been shorter.

Darsheel Safary is fantastic. Abhishek Pattnaik plays three different personalities with élan. Gaurangi Dang, who plays Kapil’s colleague and love interest, is pretty good. Prakhar Singh is good.

Kaise Karenge? is an engaging play with hilarious situations and compelling performances. Make sure you watch it.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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