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5 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Joker
Directed By: Todd Phillips
Star Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, Zazie Beetz
Run Time: 2hrs 3mins
Review By: Grinell Jacinto

Joker Review
Todd Phillips’ Joker Review starring Joaquin Phoenix

What do we say about this film! This is one film where we know he is the bad guy but we still root for him. He is the bid bad crazy-ass clown who we hate to love.

The film follows the life of Arthur Fleck – a struggling unsuccessful clown who wishes to make it big as a standup comedian. Besides being unsuccessful, a loner and misunderstood, he stands apart due to a condition which causes uncontrollable laughter – and this often happens in the worst situations. The film brings to the audience the journey from being a bullied, beaten-up, mocked and abused sad person to the killer joker.

As Arthur and Joker – Joaquin Phoenix is astonishing.

The actor aces the looks with such finesse that all you see is a sad man who is struggling with – not midlife but – existential crisis. There is no CGI insight and you will have no word other than praises for the way Joaquin pulled off the role. We doubt anyone other than him could have aced it – the role is meant for him and him only! (Please note: Don’t compare Heath Ledger’s Joker with Joaquin’s. Both actors have played the respected Jokers to the best the script demanded in their respected films.)

The also stars Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck and Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin. Both Authur and Penny love watching Live With Murray Franklin. Both characters are used beautifully in the script adding different elements and emotions to Arthur’s characters. Frances as the bedridden mom who has some (life-changing) secrets add a human element to Authur. It shows the love he has for his mom and the limits he will go to for her happiness. Murray as the talk show host plays a critical role in the coming out of joker. Though both characters have small screen time – they leave an impact and play crucial roles.

The other characters – Arthur’s love interest Sophie Dumond (Zazie Beetz) and his colleagues from his clown workplace play their parts well.

Talking about direction, Todd Phillips who has made the hilariously funny Handover trilogy gives a masterpiece with Joker. This chef-d’oeuvre deserves an Oscars as well as a lots more applauds and praises.

The background music adds more feel to the film and help in moving from scenes as well as taking the story forward. The film is beautifully edited. The 80s Gotham City, which is in a horrible state, will make you feel the pain of the poor who are suffering and getting poorer.

We give Todd Phillips’ Joker 4 stars and 1 star extra only for Joaquin Phoenix’s amazing performance

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