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3.5 Urbanasian Rating

Feature name: Jee Karda

Cast: Tamannaah, Suhail, Ashim Gulati

OTT: Amazon Prime

Episodes: 8 (Approx. 4.30 hrs)

Directed by: Arunima Sharma

Zee Karda web series with 8 episodes starring Tamannaah, Suhail, Ashim Gulati and others. It is directed by Arunima Sharma, and has been released on the Amazon Prime platform.

Photo courtesy Jee Karda team
Photo courtesy Jee Karda team

The story is about childhood friends who stay together from school to adulthood. When they go to an exhibition at a young age. They meet a face reader who warns them that strange things are going to happen in their lives.

Tamannaah is ready to tie the knot with her lover in 2022. Arjun (AG the OG), who has become a famous singer and has been head over heels in love with Tamanna since childhood. She has created a web series to attract the youth by sprinkling a lot of erotic scenes in the love triangle story of whom Tamanna married in the end.

Tamannaah, who rocked a suditaar to perfection in the November Story web series. She has given a performance beyond glamour in the Hindi web series Zee Kartha.


Photo courtesy Jee Karda team
Photo courtesy Jee Karda team

Tamanna is ready for her marriage to Sohail, but the groom’s parents have to make a condition that they should be vegetarian in the wedding ceremony and not have a food party, all the places where Tamanna says that my friends like vegetarian against her mother-in-law before the wedding seems to be an unnecessary nail.

Asim Gulati, who made his debut in the Taj web series as Arjun as, a Honey Singh-like singer whom all the girls flock to, plays a horny character right from the start. His mater in life is like a video league intro. In every scene, he gets intimate with many women and what happens before his love marriage to Tamannaah at a young age passes as a typical template story.

Set in Mumbai, the series benefits from Mahendra Shetty’s cinematography and high production values. Sachin Jigar’s background music complements the entire feel of the show, with songs like Jee Karda, Blood Moon, and Vibe setting the mood for various moments.

Jee Karda will find an appeal with the younger generations who can relate to the discussions and dilemmas of these pals. The highlight of this web series is the high-quality production of brilliant scenes in party mode. It streams on Amazon Prime Video.

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