Jawaani Janemaan Review: A Story Of Accepting Connection And Being Responsible , , ,

3.5 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Jawaani Janemaan

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Alaya F, to Tabu

Director: Nitin Kakkar

Run Time: 115 minutes

Review By: Manisha Karki

Jawaani Janemaan is all about accepting the moments and phases in life where ever you are even if you are getting old.

It has beautifully showcased that age is not just a number and an individual has many responsibility with time.

The film starts with the fearless and wild character Jaswinder Singh aka Jazz played by Saif Ali Khan, who lives his life to the fullest. He does not believe in boundaries and relationships. He is carless, carefree and while being in his 40s he still live life like it is his 20s.

In his life then enters Tia played by Alaya F. She claims that Jazz has a 33.33 percent chance of being her father. To confirm that they go for a DNA check up and it turns our that is she Jazz’s daughter.

Jazz’s life changes because he comes to know the truth about having a child – who is also having a child. This goofy story showcases complex human relationships with all its quirks and firmly as the scenes go.

In the film, there are other interesting characters like Ananya played by Tabu, who is Tia’s mother of Tia. She is the one who is always trippy and believe in spirituality.

Apart from her, there is Rocky and Rhea played by Chunky Pandey and Kubbra Sait. They both play Jazz’s friends in the film.

As the scenes pass by you start feeling emotional as Jazz realises the value of family.

The director, Nittin Kakkar has done a great joh when it comes to filming, location and even while giving the background score to the film that has a bang on time and space.

The music of the film will definitely gives you Punjabi vibes and made you groove to all the tracks. The Ole Ole track will steal your heart as it plays at the very start of the film during the introduction of Jazz.

The dialogue of the film are just on point not only the comic timing but the emotional connection of the characters are interesting.

Especially the dialogue Saif says in the end of the film, ‘इस पल को यही रोक दो, मैं ये वक़्त गुजरने नहीं दे सकतl’ will surely make your day.

If you talk about what’s not good in the film is thatAnanya, who is a great character, hasn’t been explored till the end. As it deals with emotions, themother is shown forever hippy and not so like a mother in the film. There should have been some emotional point to her character too. Also, we see Saif and Tabu come together after a long time, but here, they barely share any memorable moments.

Talking about the performances, you will feel the Saif Ali Khan in this film and his casanova character’s uber-cool lifestyle. It is marked by wild partying and hooking up with girls half his age. He just steals the show.

Debutante Alaya F is confident as a young girl trying to reunite with her father against all odds. This new talent definitely shows promise and potential. Thankfully, her character and her performance are minus the melodrama and the theatrics, leaving you with emotional but several light-hearted moments .

When we watch Tabu, she is the one who is a spiritually empowered hippy is quite refreshing, but the talented actress barely has any screen time or real purpose in the narrative.

Among the supporting cast, Kubbra Sait has a stunning screen presence. Her character of a young divorced woman looking for a mature relationship is bound to resonate with many. Farida Jalal, Chunky Panday and Kumud Mishra also lend good support in their respective roles.

Overall we give this film 3.5 starts will all our heart, you can enjoy your day watching this film.

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