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Netflix’s new release, ‘Jaane Jaan’, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Vijay Varma, follows the story of a single mother who enlists the help of her next-door neighbor to cover up a murder. 

Jaane Jaan
Photo credit: Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Instagram

The film, based on the novel ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’, is set in the mountain town of West Bengal, Kilampong, where Maya D’Souza (played by Kareena Kapoor Khan) is raising her teenage daughter, and hiding from her abusive husband. When her husband shows up, Maya gets caught in a crime she wished she never committed. 

‘Jaane Jaan’ is Khan’s OTT debut, and her performance is outstanding as Maya D’Souza. She is incredibly convincing throughout the film, especially during the portions that the audience knows she’s lying, yet other characters on screen don’t. 

Jaideep Ahlawat steals the show with his mysterious aura as ‘Teacher’, Maya D’Souza’s neighbor who helps her cover up the murder of her husband. His awkward interactions with society make the audience wonder whether he has a suspicious motive as well, yet you feel sympathy for him. 

As police inspector Karan Anand, Vijay Varma plays a different one than we’ve typically seen him in. He impeccably portrays the role of an intelligent and unnerving cop who doesn’t believe Maya’s story, which isn’t normally the case in most thrillers up till now. 

Although the film could have been cut short by a few scenes, the ending shocks audiences and keeps us drawn in.

‘Jaane Jaan’ is streaming on Netflix now!

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