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2 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: India’s Most Wanted

Directed By: Raj Kumar Gupta

Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma, Prashanth Alexander, Shantilal Mukherjee

Run Time: 123 minutes


India's Most Wanted
India’s Most Wanted

Raj Kumar Gupta’s India’s Most Wanted which was supposed to be an ode to the unsung heroes of the country falls flat. And it’s not because of the acting or dialogues – it’s because of a weak script.


Arjun Kapoor essays the role of Prabhat, a die heart Indian who will go to any extent for his country’s safety. The film follows his – and four other guys – who despite not receiving clearance from the authorities in Delhi embark on a journey to capture India’s most wanted terrorist in Nepal – all cause he got a tip from someone there.


The script and screenplay is weak with the intelligence officials not being able to trust their informant half the time. The film’s one lines are good – they may not make you chuckle but you will remember them.


Arjun Kapoor remains pretty much the same throughout the film with no expression change. His team members look like ordinary people and act their part. The friend in Nepal aka the informant, who is called Friend is a breath of fresh air with his comic attic.


Don’t waste your money and watch it in theatres. And if you really want to see it, it will soon premiere on Hotstar.


We give it 2 Stars.


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