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2 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Happy Hardy and Heer
Directed By: Raka
Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Sonia Mann
Review By: Grinell Jacinto


Happy, Hardy And Heer is a film about a love triangle between Happy (Himesh Reshammiya), Heer (Sonia Mann) and Hardy (Himesh Reshammiya). The film follows Reshammiya and Mann, childhood friends who go from their village in Punjab to London and their interaction with Hardy.

Who does Heer go with at the end – Happy or Hardy – is what the film is all about. The film will keep you confused till the end regarding who she will be till the very end, It’s ends is slightly abrupt though.

The film stars Himesh in dual roles – one as a happy but loser Punjabi and the other as a rich and successful businessman/musician. And he doesn’t ace any of the roles to the ‘T’. Out of the two roles, he does seem like he is more comfortable as Hardy. He appears to be putting in a little too much effort for his role as Happy.

Sona Mann does a good job in her Bollywood debut – though at times she seems to slack a bit. The support cast are a treat to watch especially Sejal Shah (Hardy’s mom) and Trupti Khamkar (Happy and Heer’s friend in Manchester).

The cinematography is nice and you get to see nice locations in the United Kingdoms. It’s one of the plus point of the films.

The music is nice. But at times it gets too loud and it comes too often. Talking about the dialogues, it’s not one of the plus points and become a bit cringy.

The direction of the film is okay but not something that’s praiseworthy.

We give Happy Hardy And Heer 2 stars and do not recommend watching it.

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